Thomason Technologies was founded in 2007, by David Thomason, a pioneer in cybersecurity. After being one of the founders of the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Center in 1994, David was the first security consultant to have attackers apprehended in 3 separate security incidents. In 2012, after apprehending his 4th cybercriminal in a large utility company, David focused on Industrial Security and created Industrial Threat Hunter®.

Thomason Technologies is 100% American Owned and all code is 100% written and compiled in the United States.

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Cybersecurity for Industrial Networks

Industrial Threat Hunter® is an intrusion detection/prevention system designed specifically for the unique requirements of Industrial Control Systems and SCADA networks. Industrial Threat Hunter® identifies changes in the network like new devices, protocols, communication channels, applications and services.

Industrial Threat Hunter® can be run in stand alone mode as an Intrusion Detection System. In this mode, Industrial Threat Hunter® can identify over 250 SCADA protocol violations. Additionally, Industrial Threat Hunter® can be run as a dynamic preprocessor attached to Snort® providing additional IT style Detection AND Protection.

Fast & Stable
Fast & Stable
Setup is easy
Setup is easy
Flexible & Affordable
Flexible & Affordable
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Protect Users and Data Secure Your Network

Industrial Threat Hunter® adds network visibility and protection to your SCADA/ICS network. Proactively monitoring your industrial network makes it possible to identify and isolate unauthorized change before it becomes an issue.

Step 01
Network <strong>Assessment</strong>
Network Assessment

Thomason Technologies will review your current infrastructure, network architecture, communications capabilities.

Step 02
Identify <strong>Monitoring and Protection</strong>
Identify Monitoring and Protection

Thomason Technologies will work with you to identify the appropriate points of monitoring and protection. Depending on your infrastructure design, Thomason Technologies will design the specific network monitoring and/or active blocking capabilities.

Step 03
Plan <strong>Migration</strong>
Plan Migration

Thomason Technologies can work with you to build a seamless migration plan, with minimal downtime and a complete integration of your system with existing security infrastructure. Industrial Threat Hunter® will integrate with other IPS and Firewall systems and virtually any SEIM.

Step 04
Execute <strong>Implementation</strong>
Execute Implementation

Thomason Technologies has the resources to execute on your plan. Our team, upon request, can deliver your systems pre-configured to your network environment such that your installation is plug-and-play.

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